Lagos Water Regatta

The Lagos Water Regatta is an quatic event held during thw Black Heritage Festival. A water display of culture and tradition held on the creeks and lagoons of Lagos. The event is a flotilla of brightly decorated boats which depicts aspects of the city's socio-cultural traditions found in folklore, traditional costume and also showcases the main occupation of Lagos coastal communities – fishing.

The history of the State, which is known as the State of Aquatic Splendour, dates back to the 14th Century duringthe Renaissance era and Age of discovery. It is the gateway to the central southern parts of Africa, Asia and the Far East. The Early Explorers from Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama, navigated through the coastline of Lagos, on their way to discover the New World: America and the Far East. But the actual discovery of Lagos as a trading post was by the Portuguese explorers and traders who gave it the name of "Lago De Curamo".

From 1861, Lagos State waters began to witness more arrivals and departures through its coastline and water ways. Commercial activities started on a large scale with the arrival of European trading companies, Christian Missionaries and Administrators. The commercial activity has now grown to the level of making Lagos State the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria and West Africa sub-region. The construction of moles in 1914 between Tarkwa Bay and Victoria Island and the dredging of the Marina lagoon channel created the access into the Apapa and Tincan Ports and thus witnessed increased movements of both passengers and cargo ships on the Lagos Waterways.

Today, with well connected inland watersways there is no part of the state which is not accessible by water. The locations covered by watersways include: Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Oyingbo, ljora, Epe, Ejirin, lkorodu, Isola, Amuwo Odofin, Badagry, ljanikin, Ojo, ljede, Ayobo, Satellite town and Badore.

The history of water transportation and water related activities will not be completed without mentioning the clubs, associations and organizations who are actually the trail-blazers in water-based sporting and recreational activities and commercial water transportation. It is their pioneering roles and subsequent activities that gave birth to this occasion of the Lagos Water Regatta 2010.

• Lagos Yatch Club, Onikan, founded in 1938
• Lagos Motor Boat Club, Awolowo Road, lkoyi, founded in 1950
• Apapa Boat Club, founded in 1965
• Aqua-Marine Motorboat Club, established in 2006
• Navy Sailing Club, Oja, established in 1986
• Paradise Holiday Resort and Boat Club
• Beachland Boat Club, Apapa

From the days of MV. Oriel and others, the commercial activities have grown in leaps and bounds and now has a lot of Nigeria companies engaged in fishing, passengers, goods and other Marine services on Lagos waterways.

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